Plastic, Thermoplastic-Rubber, Sheet and Roll-Stock

Extruded Thermoplastic Recycled Rubber Sheeting Products

Envirotech Extrusion will custom produce plastic and thermoplastic-rubber sheet and roll-stock to fit your specific needs.


We produce material to our customers’ specific requirements (thickness, width, length, durometer, etc.).  Thicknesses from .040″ to .500″ are available in a variety of surfaces.  Surface patterns range from matte or textured surfaces to “v” groove and ribbed surfaces.  Minimum thickness is determined by the surface pattern chosen due to the depth of the grooves or ribs.  Additionally, we can produce the rubber sheet, rubber mats or rubber rolls with an adhesive backing.

Our Material

Our thermoplastic-rubber products are manufactured with a high content of recycled crumb rubber along with certain plastic resins.  Our materials generally contain 40% to 70% crumb rubber.  The purpose of our various blends is to maintain a stable extrudable material with appropriate characteristics to fit your specific requirements.

Our material is classified as thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and has many of the characteristics of materials in the group.  Besides being made of recycled materials, our materials can be reprocessed after the material is reground like all thermoplastic materials.  This means that our materials are infinitely recyclable, unless the materials are changed.  As a result, we can buy back the waste from certain customers and reprocess it into new material.  If we already produce product for you, please contact us to inquire about our buy-back program.